Welcome to Samply, a platform for scheduling and sending notifications! We are glad to have you here. This documentation is written for researchers, so please first register or login as a researcher. The registration is simple and requires a university email address and a password.

Samply is a web-site for researchers and a mobile application Samply Research for participants. After you create a notification schedule for your study on this website, the mobile application will notify your participants. The participants will follow the link on their mobile phones and participate in your online study.

The documentation contains the information about the following main steps.

    Studies Create and manage your studies

    Notifications Create a notification schedule

    Invitations Invite participants

    Data Review the history of sent notifications

If you have more than one study, you can switch between them by using the “Choose a study” drop-down menu in the top navigation bar.

Under “Profile”, you can edit your name, research institute and language. English, German, and Dutch are supported at the moment.