Welcome to Samply

Experience sampling help scientists to study and understand people’s everyday life. Instead of coming to a research laboratory, people can take part anywhere with their mobile phones. If you take part in such a study, you will receive notifications on your mobile phone. Each time you notified, you are expected to follow the link in the notification and answer survey questions.

The content of the survey and the notification schedule vary from study to study. Read the study description for details.

If you are interested in conducting an experience sampling study, please visit the researchers page.

Instructions for participants
  1. Use your mobile phone to navigate to this website.

  2. Important! Apple does not support the web push notifications yet.

  3. Install the application on your phone by clicking on the button "Install App" in the menu above.

  4. If the button is not present, try reloading the page. Otherwise, go to the menu and choose the option "Add website to Home Screen".

  5. After the installation of the application, you can close the browser and open the application.

  6. Inside the application, proceed to the Studies page, and follow the instructions there to subscribe for a particular study.

If you were invited to participate in a study with a web-link, follow the link and read the instructions provided on the study page.