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Samply supports experience sampling, ambulatory assessment and diary studies. We want to make sending notifications to participants an easy and comfortable task for researchers. The main idea is that you as a researcher are free to use any tool to create an online survey or an experiment. Samply sends mobile notifications through the Samply mobile application, so when participants of your study click on the notification, they open your online study in a mobile web-browser.

Are you a researcher and want to use Samply in your studies? Here is an overview of how Samply works, our publication in Behavior Research Methods, and step-by-step tutorial in English or German.

If you are a participant, you are probably looking for a mobile application Samply Research. You can find in App Store or Google Play.

Main features
  • Samply is free, there is no hidden costs (thanks to the generous support of the iScience group)

  • Native mobile application for participants available in Google Play or App Store.

  • Different types of notifications schedule (one-time, repeat, user-dependent, randomized).

  • Customization of messages and URL links that you send to participants.

  • Recording participants' responses to your notifications.


Tutorial in English

Tutorial in German

About us

Samply is developed by Yury Shevchenko and conceptualized by him and Ulf-Dietrich Reips, with the help of many great collaborators. Yury is a postdoc in the iScience group at the University of Konstanz in Germany.

User experience / Usability testing
  • Johanna Digeser

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Shevchenko, Y., Kuhlmann, T., & Reips, U. D. (2021). Samply: A user-friendly smartphone app and web-based means of scheduling and sending mobile notifications for experience-sampling research. Behavior Research Methods, 1-21.

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