Samply is organized by studies. As a researcher, after registering you will be prompted to create a new study. You can give it a name, provide a description, and write a welcome message for participants. This information will be displayed in the mobile application Samply Research. You can also upload an image file, which will be displayed next to your study in the mobile application. If you would like to share the study with someone you know on Samply, you can enter their email address. Otherwise, you can leave the field blank and share it later. Sharing a study allows you to collaborate on the project, share access to the notification schedule, and view the notification history.

After adding a study, you will see a card displaying the study's name, status, and two buttons (to edit and delete the study). The toggle switches at the bottom of the card are gray, indicating that your study is not currently active (not available for participants) and not public in the mobile application Samply Research. When you are ready to launch or test your study, toggle the left switch to activate it. Once your study is active, you will receive a unique web page link displayed on the study card. This link can be shared with participants to join your study in the mobile app. The second toggle switch can make your study public in the mobile app, visible to all app users in the list of public studies. To make your study public, you must submit an approval request, and your study must contain a consent form and be approved by an ethics committee.

If you have invited your colleagues to share access to the study, the number of your colleagues will be indicated on the study card.