When users start an app, they will have to allow notifications from the app. The question about notifications should pop up automatically on the screen. Participants will also need to create a new account. The login information will be stored securely on the Samply server (which is the server of the University of Konstanz in Germany) and used only for authentication of users.

After logging in, participant have to proceed to the tab "Studies" inside the application. There, they can use the search field to find your study. The name, author and the date of study creation are displayed in the list of studies. Please provide your participants with the exact name of your study, so they can find it in the app. If participants tap on your study in the list of studies, they will proceed to the study page. On the study page, the description and welcoming text will be shown. By clicking on the button "Join the study", participants will allow receving notifications from you. Now, the participants can close the application.

You as a researcher will not have access to email addresses of participants. If you wish to have participants' email addresses, you are free to collect them together with other information via your online studies. Instead, Samply will share with you a unique id of each participant (in the form xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx), which you can include as a query parameter in the link of your study. More information about that is in "Notifications".