There are two ways to monitor participation: via the list of participants (“Participants” menu) and the history of notifications sent (“History” menu).

The list of participants displays them in order of registration to the study. Together with their unique ID, the time at which they joined the study, and their username, the table provides information from the direct link query (e.g., code). The “Log” column displays the links to the logs of the notifications sent to a particular participant. Next to this, the “New notification” column has links to the Notifications menu where the participant’s notifications can be scheduled. A participant can also be deleted by clicking the basket icon on the right-hand side of the table.

The “History” menu displays the time points for the following events of each notification:

  1. When the notification was sent from the server.

  2. When the user opened the online study by tapping on the notification.

  3. When the user opened the notification within the mobile application.

  4. When the user archived the notification message within the mobile application.

The title, message, and study URL for each notification are shown. If the user dismisses a notification, no event is triggered or recorded. Clicking on the user ID reveals the notification events filtered for that user. To further inspect and analyze their interactions with notifications, the history of all the participant’s events can be downloaded in the CSV format.